Intermediate Courses

The intermediate licence allows you to transmit up to 50 watts and to use some extra bands.  It also allows you to transmit using equipment you have built /designed yourself.  This level requires significantly more technical knowledge than the Foundation course and is therefore rather longer.  A requirement of the course is that you produce an electronic item that you have constructed yourself.  It can be a commercial kit or something you have designed yourself.  The course tutors will advise on this.

The course length is usuallly 11 weekday evenings with the exam either on a Sunday or a weekday evening.

The cost of the course is £tba to cover the costs of the room rental and the components necessary for the practical part of the course plus the RSGB exam fee of £32.50. 

We need a minimum of four people to justify running the course. Please let us know if you are interested.