About Banbury Amateur Radio Society
Banbury Amateur Radio Society exists to foster interest in Amateur Radio and provide opportunities for anyone interested in the hobby to develop their interest further.
BARS was founded in 1970 and currently has a membership of around thirty drawn from Banbury and the surrounding area. Members ages range from below 18 to over 80 – with interests just as diverse. 
There is a wide range of experience in that membership to help anyone with a legitimate interest in almost any aspect of the hobby from basic electronics to full colour television, morse code, data transmission, analogue and digital voice etc. From short-wave listening to internet linking – whatever your interest may be someone at BARS will be experimenting with it or will have some experience of it. 
We actively encourage members to participate, to get involved in some of the ongoing projects, or to suggest something new if there’s nothing that takes your fancy at the moment.
Perhaps your interest is in CB or PMR446? Don’t be put off by the different names – its all radio and we are all amateur users! Many of our members started their radio hobby with CB so we do know something about it! We’ll be very happy to see you at the club sometime and we can see just how much we have in common – even more with the latest changes to CB of course.
So if you live in, or near to, North Oxfordshire and would like to ‘have a look at’ amateur radio, then feel free to pop along to a Wednesday night meeting and say hello. Regular club meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month and in addition we now have the tech and construction group meetings on the second and fourth Wednesdays. In months where there is a fifth Wednesday there is no meeting on that day.
If you hear us on the air using the Society’s callsign G0BRA why not give us a call!
Our regular club ‘chat’ frequency is 144.515 MHz FM (if your radio is ‘channelised’ 144.5125 will be OK)