The club meets at 1900 on the first, second, third and fourth Wednesday of each month. In months where there is a fifth Wednesday there is no club meeting that evening. The club meets at 1900 on the first, second, third and fourth Wednesday of each month. In months where there is a fifth Wednesday there is no club meeting that evening.
Foundation Licence Course Available Starting 18 February
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Wednesday 19th February Change to meeting details

G4TXA-Dave presentation on the new MB7ABB - The Banbury Simplex Gateway on 70 cm.
50th Anniversary Celebrations

The celebrations for the fifthieth anniverasry of BARS went well.  The weather was fortunately sunny and bright.  We had a good attendance though sadly Peter More was unable to come from New Zealand. Hopefully he may manage to join us at another time.  There was ample food and drink and we all had a good time.

Thanks are due to the organizers for the huge amount of work they put in to make the event work and special thanks to Frank for the use of his garden.  There are additional photos of the event here
Mills on the air
The club did two versions of Mills on the air this year.  There was the usual setup done at Balscote Mill and for the more adventurous at Mas Cabard├Ęs in France. Antony (M0IFA), Maggie, James (M0XPU) and Karen came to join Brian (M0IEZ) and Celia (M6XCJ) in France.  Despite the French trip being a first attempt we managed 12 contacts with our two stations.  We operated a Yaesu transceiver into a 20 metre long doublet and Antony was working a digital transceiver into a 60cm wire loop.  Power was provided by the a car battery being recharged by a small generator for the main transceiver and a car jump start unit for the digital transceiver.  Most of the contacts were in Spain but we also had an almost complete exchange with a German amateur.  Next year we hope to improve the aerials and hopefully make the generator easier to start.  A small gallery of photos of the French expedition is here .  

50th Anniversary Celebrations
Geoff (2E0FFP) is compiling a gallery of club photos.  Anyone who can either provide extra photos or can help identify the people in some old photos please contact him.

Shack Pictures here  

We have added a new shack picture.  Graham M0GDE has sent us a picture of his shack. Please let us have more pictures of your shacks. In view of the security questions raised by John G8OXZ we are only identifying them by the first name of the owner.  Hopefully this will make you more confident about sending pictures.  .

Weekly Club Net
We have decided to extend the net with a second session on Sundays at 1930.  Look forward to hearing you all then.  Frequencies are the same 144.515 FM and 432.525 FM


Welcome to Banbury Amateur Radio Society

We meet regularly on the first and third Wednesday of each month for general club meetings and on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month for contruction projects. On the occasions where there is a fifth Wednesday in the month there is no meeting.

 We meet at 169 Bloxham Road, Banbury, OX16 9JU. The clubhouse is at the bottom of the garden. Go through the side gate and walk down the garden. We have a wide range of radio equipment and aerials which club members can use.

We are an informal group and always ready to welcome new members to the club. Come along and give us a try. We run courses for each of the levels of amateur licence when we have enough applicants.  We have three qualified instructors and a huge amount of experience within our membership all of whom will be willing to help you get whatever licence for which you are aiming.